Q4 2023

  • Launch Token: ✔

    • Kickstarting our journey with the official launch of the $PRINT token. This phase focuses on establishing $PRINT in the market and ensuring a smooth rollout.

  • Bot Goes Live: ✔

    • Introduction of our innovative Telegram bot, designed to streamline the mining and staking processes. This bot is a pivotal tool for user interaction and engagement with the $PRINT ecosystem.

  • Staking Opens: ✔

    • Opening the doors to staking opportunities, allowing token holders to stake their $PRINT tokens and participate in the mining pool. This phase is crucial for token security and user rewards.

  • Partnerships: In Progress / Ongoing

    • Forming strategic alliances with key industry players. These partnerships aim to enhance the token's utility, broaden its reach, and foster a stronger community.

  • Community Mining: In Progress / Ongoing

    • In the near future, PRINT plans to unveil a pioneering feature for community members possessing mining capabilities. This upcoming functionality will enable these individuals to contribute their hash power directly to the PRINT Mining payout address.

      This initiative is an opportunity for community members to mine crypto and gain insight in to how crypto mining works.

Q1 2024

  • 100 Worker expansion: In Progress / Ongoing

    • Starting with 20 Miners, our first major milestone is expanding to 100 Workers. This will measure significant growth and provide supply of crypto mining rewards to create a sustainable and attractive value proposition

  • Receive Rewards in Native Currency: Pending

    • In the future there will be an opportunity for the Print Mining community who are staked to have a say in receiving their rewards in the native tokens which are mined. If there is enough interest it can be implemented.

  • Print Mining Dapp: Pending

    • There may be the option to stand up a Print Mining Dapp / Dashboard. This will be reviewed as a standard business case for cost effectiveness. We are mindful that there is an expense involved which ultimately takes away from Mining capex (which is the purpose of this Project). There is no problem with spending money, however it does not solve a problem. Staking and dashboard metrics are already managed through the Print Mining Telegram Bot. Spending money to make more of what we already have does not present a strong business case. However, it will remain on the road map while it is investigated further.

Q2 2024

  • 200+ Worker expansion: Pending

    • More Miners = More Rewards.

  • More TBC

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