🖨️Introducing Print

Welcome to Print

Print Mining uses Real World Assets (RWA) to mine cryptocurrency, and makes crypto mining accessible for everyone!

Earn rewards from crypto miners procured and operated by Print Mining.

Print Mining is a Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) as it's hardware is used to mine and secure many blockchain networks.

What is Print?

Print Mining is a project founded by a group of crypto mining enthusiasts who want to make crypto mining accessible for everyone. The founders have provided the facilities and the first 20 workers to start the project. The Print Mining team also manage the procurement, build, and installation of future miners that are added through the revenue generated from the $PRINT tax. The Print Mining infrastructure sets the scene to generate rewards participants of the Print staking pool. By staking $PRINT tokens you earn rewards from the miners.

Our Vision At Print,

We want to make crypto mining accessible for everyone. Through the use of the $PRINT token, you can stake and earn rewards generated directly from Print Mining miners. We will also be onboarding Community Miners by teaching how to use your own computer at home to donate hash to the Print Mining system.

How Does Print Work?

The Print Mining team ensure the smooth operation of the crypto miners which work to generate rewards. These rewards go in to the Print staking pool and are distributed to everyone who stakes their $PRINT tokens.

The user interface used by Print Mining is a Telegram bot which gives information about the performance of the miners, and where you can stake your $PRINT tokens and manage your rewards.

Advantages of Print Mining Accessibility

  • We are dedicated to making crypto mining accessible to individuals of all technical backgrounds.


  • Our platform ensures transparency in mining activities, offering real-time insights into rewards and operational processes.

Community Engagement

  • Print cultivates an engaged community of $PRINT token holders, fostering active participation and interaction within the project.

Our Commitment

Print is committed to delivering a secure, efficient, and rewarding mining experience. We prioritize the security of our users' assets and strive to optimize mining rewards while upholding sustainability within the Print Mining ecosystem.

Join us on this journey as we revolutionize cryptocurrency mining, paving the way for a more inclusive and accessible future for everyone who wants to mine crypto.

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