Frequently Asked Question's

What is mining ?

Mining is where you provide GPU or CPU compute hashrate to cryptocurrency networks

What are we mining?

What we mine changes depending on what is most profitable. You can get the most up to date information on what is being mined from the Print Mining Telegram Bot.

What is a hash rate?

Hash is the measure which is based on the algorithm you are mining, this is the speed your hardware is processing computations and represents the work performed.

How is the hash rate of the CPU and GPU compared?

Lots of coins use different algorithms and the hash rate varies based on the difficulty of the network being mined. Our GPU compute is more focused towards higher performing algos for graphics cards. Our CPU compute is more focused towards higher performing algos for central processing units.

How is revenue being distributed?

100% of all mining profits are being distributed to holders. We are using renewable solar energy and have plans for expansions into solar farms.

Who is eligible to mine?

All $PRINT stakers are able to mine. Now everyone can mine.

What is our long term goal?

To continue to increase hashrate through self managed miners purchased using taxes from the trading volume and to allow $PRINT stakers the ability to join our GPU and CPU pools to contribute hashrate.

Why are we using CPUs and GPUs instead of ASICs?

We would like to stay versatile as we scale. Being able to mine any algo will allow us to mine brand new coins, chains into the future.

Why are we mounting on CPUs and not on racks?

Depending on the mining rig, either GPU or CPU focused, the mounting varies. We have racks, shelved miners and will be expanding into shipping containers.

How is CPU hash rate (200kh/s) producing more $$$ than GPU hashrate (24 Gh/s)?

CPU mining and GPU mining read different hash rates. They are different pieces of hardware serving different functions. Comparing the two at a hash level is like comparing apples and oranges.

How do we compare to our competitors?

A comparison chart will be released. We offer a Tokenized Mining Telegram Bot service. Similar to other telegram bots, our competitors wont scale and reach as many users as we can in the same amount of time, due to the simplicity of buying print and staking on @PrintMiningBot

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