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Crypto miners are important because without them, there would be no blockchain or network. The simple act of sending crypto requires a computer (somewhere in the world) to process and validate the transaction on to the blockchain.

What is Crypto Mining?

Crypto Mining is the process used to generate new coins and verify new transactions on a network.

It's a virtuous circle; the miners maintain and secure the blockchain, the blockchain awards the coins, the coins provide an incentive for the miners to maintain the blockchain. More miners means faster transactions on the network, and a more secure network. This is why miners are compensated for their work.

What motivates miners? The network holds a lottery. Every computer on the network is racing to be the first to guess a 64-digit hexadecimal number known as a "hash". The faster a computer can spit out guesses, the more likely the miner is to earn the reward.

The winner updates the blockchain ledger - adding a newly verified "block" containing all of those transactions to the chain, and receives a predetermined amount of newly minted coins.

Things to consider when mining

Like real world mining, you need electricity to mine crypto. It is important that power costs do not exceed the amount of mineable rewards in order to remain profitable.

Computer hardware runs hot when mining so it is important to consider the electricity required to also provide sufficient cooling to the equipment.

Computer hardware also will create more noise when mining as the fans on the hardware itself will be working hard to cool itself.

What are we mining?

Print Mining focuses on CPU mining, while also running GPU workers.

Our CPU workers mine for Zephyr Protocol

Our GPU workers mine for Karlsen Network

Why CPU and GPU mining?

We use CPU and GPU mining equipment in order to give us an edge by mining projects early, and being able to mine any new protocol through the flexibility for this equipment. This allows us to be agile in pursuing the most profitable chains and coins at any given time.

CPU and GPU mining differences

Our main emphasis is on the CPU mining and is what we will be expanding. CPU mining is very profitable as the hardware is a lot less expensive as opposed to a GPU, and the CPU mining uses a lot less power. These factors guide our decision making when profit mining as the more profitable the operation is, the more rewards that are generated for the $PRINT staking pool.

Can we see the miner details?

All of the miner details can be found in the Print Mining Telegram Bot. The data shown is live and covers information such as estimated rewards, how much "hash" the miners are generating, and more!

We focus on the CPU mining and have publicly available where this information is pulled from. Our Zephyr mining wallet address can be viewed here. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the following address in the Lookup:


You will notice that the Print Mining Telegram Bot captures all of the interesting information and presents it in a simple and easy to use interface.

Why are the Miner numbers random?

The miner numbering is delineation by sites. We do not have all of the miners in one place for load balancing, resiliency and redundancy purposes.

Miner 1xx = Community Miner's

Miner 2xx = Site A

Miner 4xx = Site B

Miner 5xx = Site C

Miner 6xx = Site D

Miner 7xx = Site E

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