⚒️Community Mining

Coming soon

In the near future, PRINT plans to unveil a pioneering feature for community members possessing mining capabilities. This upcoming functionality will enable these individuals to contribute their hash power directly to the PRINT Mining payout address.

This initiative is an opportunity for community members to mine crypto and gain insight in to how crypto mining works.

The steps required to enable your own personal computer will be as follows:

  • Download the xmrig software to your computer which you will mine with here

  • You are looking for xmrig-VERSION-msvc-win64.zip

  • Unzip the folder to your desktop for easy access

  • Request and receive the custom config.json file from the Print Mining Team (This adds the details for your Miner ID to the Print Mining Pool)

  • Add the config.json file to the folder on your desktop (which xmrig.exe is in)

  • Launch xmrig.exe (Confirm you are launching as Administrator, and the application is not blocked by anti-virus software)

  • You are now mining crypto! Leave it to run and it will contribute hash.

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